Meatball Street Brawl V Branding

“Meatball Street Brawl” is an annual food festival in Buffalo, New York, pitting local chefs and restaurant in a battle for the “best meatball in Buffalo.” A fundraiser for an evolving portfolio of non-profits, the event is meant to be, first and foremost, fun. Challengers, while serious (sort of), are colleagues and friends. The competition is spirited, the cause is noble, and the meatballs plenty.

A boxing theme was adopted year one, and has given us the benefit of consistency, with the luxury of enough latitude make the event feel both familiar and new every year.

The event is now known as both Meatball Street Brawl, and the shorthand MBSB, and is recognized often by the use of just an illustrated meatball. We embraced this naming “system” when extending the brand for the fifth edition of the event, giving us “Meatball Street Ball V,” “MBSBV,” and the visually efficient Meatball (Illustration) V.

And being the fifth year (we weren’t sure we’d ever get to year 2), the event really became a full out tribute to — you guessed it — the meatball. We had meatballs wearing masks, meatball haikus, the bat signal hijacked for a meatball signal, and a social media countdown starting at five — “V” — days.

The event felt established and new at the same time. V meant five. V meant victory, for the organizers, our team, and the worthy charities all of the fuss was for.