Mike Telesco

President and Creative Director

Mike Telesco is the founder and president of the business. A graphic designer by trade, he is a always looking to solve business issues for his clients. “The work should be an answer to a problem, not become a problem because I couldn’t get out of my own way.”

I went to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and began working at the Wolf Group in Buffalo, NY. I left there as Executive Art Director to help start another local ad agency which became Stand Advertising. After leaving there to start something new, I wanted to just “freelance” for a little while. But, I knew with my experience and the people I could pull from, we could do big agency think work without having to make it something big. I love doing what I do. Working with clients that respect us and that we can learn from for a common goal. Whether it is selling something or raising money or whatever it may be—defined goals, strong communication and a great respectful relationship will make the work successful.