WNY Book Arts Center Environmental Branding

Having created the mark, color palette, and website last year, we were asked to turn our attention to the Book Arts spaceinside and out—and how the brand could live past paper and screen.

The historic building recently underwent substantial renovation, and any added decorative or informative elements needed to be clean and understated so as to not feel intrusive. Working within strict city code, we developed a series of banners for the exterior facade.

A system of angled shapes, based on the mark, and first introduced on the website home page, was expanded to provide large, vibrant visual statements on several of the interior walls. As part of the aforementioned renovation, large display windows were returned to the building facade, allowing a generous view into the Book Arts space. We wanted to take advantage of the view, and the vantage points it offered to telegram and celebrate the energy of the brand.

The Book Arts center is never sitting idle. Rather—as home to a printing museum, working letterpress print shop, gallery spaces and classroom—the center has become the heart of a new arts district in downtown Buffalo. Using the full width of selected walls, these geometric installation create a sense of energy and movement, drawing visitors in.

While type and printing represent how Book Arts got its start, the center, and its mission, are ever-evolving. The brand has just enough latitude built in to make the process cohesive.