Architects of Air comes to Buffalo

May 27, 2016 | Blog

Yesterday we took to the outer harbor to be the first in line to experience Architects of Air.

Architects of Air build “luminaria.” A luminaria is a monumental, inflatable structure that is designed to generate a sensory experience through light and color; it doesn’t disappoint.

The massive inflatable structure looks like something straight out of a video game; from the outside, it looks like a bunch of Mario Party-esque castles. When you step inside, you are met with a sense of wonder and beauty and feel like you’ve been transported to another world. At times it seems as if you’ve been put inside of a human body, then transported to some sort of alien movie set, then an underground cave. With every turn you discover a new world and a new experience.

There are hallways, open rooms and small alcoves that make the exhibit seem larger and more expansive than it actually is. Getting lost is pretty easy and definitely part of the fun. With every change in daylight, each room takes on a slightly different feeling that your last visit. The music makes for a calming ambiance, taking your senses up yet another notch. As you explore, you are encouraged to take a moment to relax, lay on the floor, meditate, reflect on how each room makes you feel and revel in the wonder of the luminaria.

The massive walk-in structure, which has been brought to Tel Aviv, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney (to name a few) is world-famous.

“Since 1992, over 3 million visitors in 41 countries across 5 continents have immersed themselves in the spectacular, luminous world of Architects of Air,” the website states.

We took to Facebook Live to provide a first-look into a walk around the inside of the structure, which you can check out here.

Although it just opened in Buffalo yesterday, it won’t be here long. Monday is the last day you can visit Architects of Air, so we definitely encourage visiting the website to reserve your tickets now.

Things we recommend you bring with you:
• Water
• Camera
• Selfie stick
• An open mind

Things we recommend you leave at home or in the car:
• Sweaters & Jackets (it gets hot in there)
• Purses that double as parachutes (the cubbies are small.)
• Headaches (it’s bright in there)

Have you visited the structure? What did you think?

Share with us in the comments below!

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