July 6, 2016 in Blog, Uncategorized
A celebration in one word. 6 measly letters to create a moment. It always makes me happy. (Truthfully, it generally is spoken with a beverage in hand. Maybe that has something to do with it.) Regardless, we are proposing a toast to our newest endeavor that has recently opened in Buffalo, NY,  Thin Man Brewery.
    Mike Shatzel and Rocco Termini have teamed up to create an amazing venue to celebrate, hang out and eat. Their team will be brewing their own beer and making some killer food in the kitchen.
    It is yet another of the exciting venues coming to our fair city and we are thrilled that we have been able to help shape the brand image. Thin Man Brewery was named from after the original Thin Man crash test dummy which was created in Buffalo by what is now Calspan. The Thin Man became the muse for the story of innovation that we wanted to help tell. The beer and food will be interesting, fun and not the same old-same old.
   Stop down to a great place and enjoy a meal, grab a drink and see a great new brand in town.