Getting the band back together

May 12, 2015 in Blog

We are excited to announce the hiring of Greg Meadows as Creative Director at Telesco Creative Group. Greg is one of the most talented people in the area and will add another dimension to our team. He was most recently at The Martin Group where he led the creative for Kaleida, ECMC and Evans Bank. Previously, he was at Stand Advertising and The Wolf Group, where he worked on Seneca Gaming, UB|MD, The Roycroft Inn, HSBC and Rich Products. We are excited for the work that he will be doing, but even more so, for the way he will continue to push the entire team to elevate our game.

I am proud and honored that Greg has decided to join us. Greg hired me at Wolf in 1995 and I hired him at Stand in 2003. We have joked about getting the band back together for a while, and now it is happening. Stay tuned for some great things ahead. Welcome aboard G.