Ink. Paper. People

Sometimes we joke that we are different because we know we are the same. A lot of businesses are like that. However, as a business, you need to define what it is that truly makes you different. We recently helped our friendly neighborhood printer through this process.

Gateway Printing & Graphics is a printer in Hamburg, NY. They print offset and digital. They print, mail, finish, fulfill and do their own dishes. Yet printing is a commodity. Often times, price drives the decision. How do we set them apart in a crowded field? We strip them down to the simplest terms and let people know that when they call on Gateway, the process is simple. Like everyone else, they print ink on paper. However, it is their people that make the difference.

They are craftsmen in a world of technology. Their expertise and support help make their clients’ jobs easier. We are proud to have handled their rebranding and proud to call them a partner in our business.