Let the good times roll!

The Telesco Creative Group team, each year, looks forward to “Chrysalis”, the major fundraising event staged by, and for the benefit of our friend and client Mount St. Mary Academy. The girls of Mount St. Mary, “Mounties” as they are nicknamed, go all-in playing a role in the event. So this year we decided to take it up a notch. “A Tribute to New Orleans” was selected as the basis of the theme, and “Mountie Gras” was the name given to us. We took it from there. We pulled in the classic wrought iron details of French Quarter homes, the vibrant color palette of the Mardi Gras parade, confetti and, of course, masks and boas. Let a group of girls “goof off” during their lunch break, with a camera capturing everything, and you have gold. And purple. And green.

Printed invitations containing “photo booth” pictures of the girls aim to entice parents and patrons to attend enthusiastically. Social media posts expand on the brand look and language.

Still to come is the event itself. Oh, we have ideas. You’d best stay tuned!