Makin’ a Restaurant

We like making things. Our clients like making things. We like helping our clients make things. See where this is going? The Telesco Creative Group was stoked to get the call from our friends and clients at Osteria 166 to help them envision and brand their new restaurant venture, Mercato. Our two groups make for a comfortable fit as collaborators. The recipe has worked for Osteria 166, and most recently in helping to introduce the restaurant Villaggio, in Ellicottville, New York.

Mercato is one of the charter food outlets making up Expo, the new food hub created by local real estate developer and investor, Nick Sinatra. The 8,000-square-foot space, located in the downtown Market Arcade complex, has brought together a half dozen of the area’s more interesting eateries—conveniently under one roof.

After helping with naming, we created a mark and overall brand identity, which is reflected in the menu board and wayfinding signage. Paper menus, placemats and to-go containers were also produced. Branding touches on Mercato’s apparel and the service line fill out the program.

Mercato offers guests the opportunity to “get creative” and “create their perfect pasta,” with a robust menu of vegetables, meats and sauces. It’s a fun way to dine. We kept that spirit in mind when creating the brand. Hand-drawn type on a chalkboard background speak to the casual vibe you can expect to find at Mercato.

We’ll stay involved and address brand needs as the brand lives and moves forward. And we plan to sample the menu over and over again. We’ll see you there!