What if Don Draper had a Keurig

April 5, 2013 in Advertising, Blog

Mad Men comes back this weekend for another season full of the sexiest profession in America (says the owner of an advertising agency.) It is true that advertising is full of “zany” brainstorming sessions and late nights, but I have to tell you, I do not have crystal liquor bottles in my office. Sorry to disappoint the outside world. I know, you probably spend countless hours thinking, “man, they have it made over there. Smoking and drinking all day while doing very little work.”

Well, I have been putting some thought into a Freaky Friday kind of mindset and thinking, what if Don Draper had a Keurig instead of Cognac? Would it be as interesting to people? The brash comments. The afternoons lost to sleeping it off. Yep, they would all be gone and replaced by multitasking on a caffeine high. Probably not quite as cool to watch Draper deciding for himself between Butter Toffee and Donut Shop. No drama to a paper cup being tossed across an office vs a glass smashing.

Would the ideas be as good? Well, that is debatable. Not only were the workers drunk, but so were the clients making the decisions. Kind of like the marketing version of beer goggles. What I do know is that I am glad that times have changed. I get more done (I assume) and hopefully my liver will thank me one day (again, an assumption.) In the end, I love Mad Men. I cannot wait to watch the season premier Sunday night. It is a great show and makes people think I have it pretty good. And, truth be told, I do. It is a great profession. You get to create and see results. You get to do different things every day. You get to…

Sorry, I have to go now, my Island Coconut coffee awaits.