City Honors School | Environmental Branding

City Honors School

The charge was simple — “help make our gymnasium and adjunct spaces inspire our students, both athlete and non, as well as school visitors.” With a mascot and strongly embraced color scheme already established, we focused on key vantage points, and navigation of a path in and through the space. Bands of color — “arrows” lead you through the space, and through motivational messaging.

Quotes from notable athletes and thought leaders help reinforce the schools mission to support all students, not just the sports teams. A call was put out to the school body to submit quotes for consideration, creating an additional level of pride and ownership of the project.

Key words and phrases from the school’s alma mater, and an interpretive display touching on the school buildings deep history, reinforce the students role as stewards of City Honors heritage and standards.

Students are being encouraged to use one particular wall, covered with large “CD Centaur Proud” letters, as a “selfie station,” further employing the project to promote school spirit.

A system of updatable, more contemporary, championship banners was developed, using typography consistent with the overall project.

Part pep rally and part museum, the collective installation has created lots of “buzz” amongst the student population, as well teams and staff visiting from other schools. Additionally, the project has attracted the attention of other schools in the district who envy the end result as a reimagining of otherwise tired school decor.