Moor Room Logo

The Shatzel Group | Peter Braun

Moor Room is a companion to, or second iteration of, the popular craft beer pub Moor Pat, in Williamsville, NY. The name came about one day when the owner was on one of his frequent brewery visits, and notice the letter on the words TAP ROOM on a glass door, reading backwards to him is “MOOR PAT.” Additionally, the concept of the pub was that of an unassuming neighborhood pub in Ireland.

We were approached to help name and brand a second location, located in Buffalo, NY. While we briefly considered “MOOR PAT 2,” we were intrigued by the idea that this new location was an expansion of the first, giving everyone “moor room” to enjoy the craft beers. Seeing that the two words were mirrors of each other, we felt our work was done. The original logo features a beer barrel. We felt the classic beer tray would pair well, and reinforce a reputation for good service.